Australia is a massive country, in fact geographically Australia is just a little bit smaller than the United States. It is a destination that you can visit all year round and enjoy diverse experiences to match anyone's and everyone's interests. Australia offers extraordinary urban experiences, amazing wildlife, rain forests, deserts, beaches, The Great Barrier Reef and the Outback just to mention a few. To get some tips on how to prepare for your trip to Australia you should read Things you should know before travelling to Australia.

Australia is the perfect destination for honeymooners, couples or families. Regardless of where you end up and what time of year, we have compiled a list of the best things to do in Australia that are sure to enrich your experience and have a library of memorable stories to share with your friends and family back home.


Margaret River

Have you ever tried the unique art of Truffling? Well if you are visiting the Margaret River region in Western Australia, the Truffle and Wine Company is one of the few truffières in the world that allows a very select number of people each year to participate in the rare privilege of a truffle hunting experience. These exclusive Truffles Hunts are only held during the winter months on their Manjimup farm from early June – late August. The hunts are a must do for foodies or those who love farm-to-plate experiences. You  can easily include this experience into a private day tour tailored to suit your interests. Cape Menetelle offer a great behind the scenes wine tasting followed by a food wine and paring hosted in the historic barrel cellar.   

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We also recommend a visit to Lake Hillier, an interesting pink coloured lake located to the south west of Perth. Lake Hillier is 10 times more saltier than the ocean and gets its pink colouring from a tiny algae in the water. The best way to discover this region of Western Australia is with a private guide and vehicle passing through picturesque coastal towns along the way.  

Pink Lake : Best Pink Lakes In the World


Byron Bay

Imagine exploring the Australian rain forest at night, searching for nocturnal wildlife without disturbing them with a torch? If you are visiting Byron Bay then this is a bucket list item that must be ticked! With the assistance of Night Vision Goggles, view up to 5 species of native nocturnal wildlife.

While in Byron Bay, we recommend a visit to Crystal Castle. Find yourself in an ancient labyrinth as you wander through the stunning Shambhala Gardens and rainforest. Crystal Castle offers a peaceful retreat and a stunning collection of crystals situated in the stunning Byron Bay hinterland. It is well worth the drive.

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Sydney Harbour

Float gently under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, past the Opera House and through the heads as you wait for the sun to stretch its rays across the blue waters of the ocean. Is there a better way to intimately soak up a city and its beauty? Imagine this: Barely anyone around, just you, your partner and/or your family members and a local aussie skipper taking you through one of the most picturesque harbours in the world before the rest of the city has woken. Cheers with a glass of champagne as you welcome a new day. Yes please!

While in Sydney we recommend a visit to the Newnes Glow Worm tunnels, situated just to the west of Sydney in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park. The tunnels were bored out of the sandstone rock to make way for coal trains servicing the area. The train line was abandoned in the early 1900s and the dark cool tunnels are now home to millions of Glow Worms. Take the short walk from the car park and make sure your equipped with a torch. Once in the middle of the tunnel, switch off your torch and enjoy the show.



Ever wanted to stroll amongst giants in a living Jurasic Park. North of Hobart in Tasmania is the Styx Valley. Home to the worlds largest Eucalyptus Trees. Blink and you will miss the entrance to boardwalk that sweeps around these pre-historic mammoths. The hidden jewel here is the Big Tree Reserve. Home to the biggest of the big. An 86 meter and an 87 meter (almost 300 feet) high Swamp Gum. Walking down here you will pass tanin stained creeks and thick groves of mossy ferns. Take the Styx Valley loop and discover other aptly named giants such as angorn, the Cave Tree, Morannon and, finally, the famed Gandalf’s Staff.

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While in Tasmania, we recommend a visit to the Wall of Wilderness. The Wall of Wilderness is situated at Derwent Bridge in Tasmania's Central Highlands. It is Australia's most ambitious art project undertaken and the artist Greg Duncan plans to carve the history of the local area in 100 metres of timber, most of which will be in the rare Huon Pine. 

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Pictured: Artist, Greg Duncan 


Lying deep underneath Melbourne’s streets is a labyrinth of tunnels stretching more than 1500 kilometres. One of the most elaborate storm water drain systems in the world, it is a complex maze of waterfalls, gates, ladders and reservoirs. Travel with an experienced guide and unlock some of Melbourne's mysteries.

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During WW2 a boat was always moored near Swanston Street on the Yarra River, and in the event of an air raid, the occupants of the War Room at Victoria Barracks would be whisked away up the Yarra River to this "bunker". There is a tunnel that runs under the well known Swanston Street St Pauls Anglican Church to the Young and Jacksons Hotel. There is a similar underground "bunker" under Spencer Street Railway Station in the Melbourne's CBD as well as a tunnel underneath Spencer St near Bourke St from the old mail exchange to the railway station.

While in Melbourne, we recommend a visit to Coops Shot Tower. Located in the heart of the CBD the tower was built in 1888 and stands 50 meters high. The historic building was saved from demolition in 1973 and is now incorporated into a shopping precinct underneath an 84 meter high conical glass roof.

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