21-06-2018| by Elise Charlesworth

It goes without saying that I am not unfamiliar with the inside of an airport and it's workings. My previous life as a flight attendant is the crux of my obsession for efficient, seamless travel. If you run into me at the airport you will see me scrambling around like a psychopath. Because I am on a mission, a mission to beat the long ques at check in, customs and those annoying people that stand 1 inch from the baggage carousel (I mean really?). Anyway, travelling smarter is all in the preparation and let's face it who doesn't love a good prep list? If you share the same, lets call it passion, for saving time and arriving at your destination feeling less stressed and most of all organised then you need to read this.

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31-05-2018| by Grant Charlesworth

Australia is home to a plethara of animals. From marsupials to mammals and reptiles, and everything in between, animals indigenous to Australia are both unique and interesting. Read on for the most popular native animals and of course the places you need to visit to see them in the wild! 

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11-05-2018| by Grant Charlesworth

So you're travelling to The Great Southern Land, Terra Australis, Down Under or what is also commonly known as Australia. Before you embark on your tour of Australia, I have put together my list of the 5 most important things to know when travelling to this amazing country.

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Australian Outdoor Activities

12-04-2018| by Grant Charlesworth

For a small population, Australians compete extraordinarily well in a range of different international sports. Swimming, Surfing, Soccer, Cricket and Hockey just to name a few. One of the reasons for this, apart from being brought up on Vegemite, is the fact that as Australians, we can spend a lot of time outside. Our long hot summers and relatively mild winters allow us to take full advantage of an outdoor lifestyle. If you are travelling to Australia you may like to partake in some outdoor activities with locals. These outdoor activities may change depending on what State or Territory you are in and even what time of the year it is. For example you wouldn't find a game of rugby being played in Adelaide in January. But you may find a game of AFL to watch in June. So strap on your budgie smugglers and stand by for my Top 5 Australian Outdoor Activities.

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Australia has so many amazing experiences to immerse yourself in that our incredible Arts scene is sometimes overlooked. The diversity and range of galleries and exhibitions throughout Australia is incredible and world class. Here are some suggestions for you to consider when you are next travelling to Australia.    

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Some would argue that golf ruins a perfectly good walk. Others not so much as fanatical golfers flock to Australia in seek of the perfect round. Australia, amongst its other delights features some of the best courses known to mankind. No need to worry about sharing the course with hundreds of other golfers as per capita, Australia has the highest amount of courses in the Southern hemisphere and Tasmania has the highest in the world. Impressive stuff alright. 

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Why you should include Cairns in your Australian Vacation

Cairns is a great destination to visit anytime of the year. Summers can be very hot and humid but winters are almost a perfect time to be there with mild days and cooler nights. There are so many things to do in Cairns and we have listed a few for you below. 

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The Top 5 Sydney Bars

12-02-2018| by Grant Charlesworth

There are so many things to do in Australia and if exploring our fabulous local bars is one of your priorities then Sydney has its fair share of traditional Australian pubs, particularly dotted down George Street in The Rocks. The Bar scene in Sydney is changing however and the city is now dominated by speakeasy whiskey bars and Ale Houses. Enjoy small intimate gatherings of like minded people at "blink and you will miss the entrance" hole in the walls. Here are some of my favourite Sydney watering holes that you can include on your next vacation to Australia.

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Things to do in Sydney: Barangaroo Uncovered

25-01-2018| by Elise Charlesworth

The recently opened precinct of Barangaroo is quickly becoming a must do as part of your Australia Private Tour. Located on the eastern shores of Darling Harbour in Sydney, the area has been restored from a disused industrial site, to now house magnificent parklands, modern restaurants as well as a vibrant cafe and street culture. If you are visiting Sydney, luxury travel companies like Australian Luxury Escapes can arrange a wonderful few hours, half a day or a full day to truely experience the best that Barangaroo has to offer. Here are some of my top picks. 

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Australian Open 2018: Where to view the matches

10-01-2018| by Grant Charlesworth

Nothing quite announces the arrival of Summer each year in Australia like the Australian Open. (And cricket, swimming at the beach, Mangoes, Cherrys and the hum of Cicada's). In January, thousands head to the iconic Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne to watch the superstars of tennis, battle it out on the Rebound Ace surface in the fierce summer heat.

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