Here’s How You Should Plan a Trip to Australia

16-04-2016| Category : planning | by Grant Charlesworth

You’ll find a wealth of fun things to do and amazing places to explore around Australia so make sure you take the time to plan that unforgettable trip. When you're planning an extended trip of two or more weeks, you’ll have plenty of time to do some city-hopping and visit some of Australia’s top landmarks, cultural sites, and entertainment districts. Whether you're in the mood for some rest and relaxation or adrenaline-pumping adventure activities, you’ll find there’s truly something for everyone in Australia. 

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6 Australia Points of Interest in Sydney

14-04-2016| Category : australia, sydney | by Elise O’Rourke

As specially curated travel destination lists get published, it’s no surprise that the city down under is one to continually tail an upward trajectory. Sydney, Australia has ranked chief among such lists and remains modest in both its growing semblance of “cool” and its spot-on embodiment of the perfect getaway. Having already won over 2016, deemed the “Year of Australia” by Peter J. Lindberg, the Land of Oz is a must-visit for travellers of all types. Here are six Australia Points of Interest check out in Sydney, Australia:

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Your Fashionista Guide To Shopping in Australia

31-03-2016| by Grant Charlesworth

There's a reason the country's premier fashion week is held in Melbourne: it's the mecca for anyone who calls themself a "fashionista". While this shopping destination is not just home to Melbourne Fashion Week, it also houses plenty of Australia's fashion brands' flagship stores. If you're planning on doing some serious shopping in Australia, allow our guide to be a good starting point. And don't forget to leave some room in your suitcase for your treasures!

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Must See Sporting Events in Australia

17-03-2016| by Grant Charlesworth

Are you a sports enthusiast? Does the mention of a competition excite you? Well then you'll definitely have to check out some of these must-see sporting events in Australia. There's plenty more than just what's listed here, but it's a good start and will help you plan your trip around these adrenaline boosting adventures!

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Australian Beaches To Visit In 2016

15-03-2016| by Grant Charlesworth

It kind of goes without saying, but you're going to want to make time to see some of the Australian coastline while on vacation. And with so many to choose from, it was hard to narrow down our list, but we've got something for every kind of experience. Whether it's pristine sand on a private beach or people-watching in the city's hot-spots, we've got something for everyone on your Australia vacation!

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The Best Places To See Aboriginal Art

10-03-2016| by Grant Charlesworth

For art enthusiasts all over the world, one place that you should add to your bucket list is Australia. With a vibrant focus on the world's oldest living culture, Aboriginal museums and galleries highlight the customs through art, dance, myths, music and even the land itself. We've put together a list of some top places to see Aboriginal art and before buying any pieces to take home, check out our guide to buying Aboriginal art.aboriginal-art

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How to Find the Top Rated Australia Vacation Package

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Your Guide To Aboriginal Art

12-11-2015| by Grant Charlesworth

In recent years, the demand for Aboriginal art has increased, and of course, so have the dealers, galleries, and museums that are featuring works by Australia's oldest art communities. To ensure that you find the best artwork for your home while making an ethical purchase, use our guide to buying Aboriginal art and take home a valuable piece of Australia's history and culture.

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Top Day Trips from Melbourne

10-11-2015| by Grant Charlesworth

There's plenty to see in this cultural hub of southern Australia, but get off the beaten path and see what magic lies in the surrounding areas of Victoria's capital city. Add some of these to your list of things to do in Melbourne, Australia and we guarantee you'll have an amazing trip!

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5 Hotspots for a 'Girls' Getaway' in Adelaide

5-11-2015| by Grant Charlesworth

When thinking about your Australian girls' getaway, don’t overlook Adelaide as the spot for a fun-filled vacation. Often overshadowed by its more popular cousins, Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide has lots of dining, culture, and shopping to keep you and your friends busy. A well-preserved city that strikes a comfortable balance between quaint and cosmopolitan, this southern spot just might be the next destination for you and your girlfriends! 

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